Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Head Years

I am leaving my old blog behind.

There is nothing wrong with my old blog; Live Journal served me well. I was proud of my title when I thought it up in April 2005. "I Have a Theory" was going to be the name of my highly innovative one-woman show/novel/movie trilogy. Why not also make it the title of the blog that started it all? Yes, Conan O'Brien, I started this magical journey at just 25 years of age. I am a pretty big deal. Well, Conan O'Brien has been recently screwed over, and I haven't written anything that I am proud of in over a year.

Not the makings of greatness.

Knowing that my 30th year has endeavors in store, I sidled up to the ol' keyboard again. I logged into my Live Journal, ready to make literary jazz hands. I re-read some old posts to get back in the groove and had a thought:

I've had waaaaaay too many thoughts for someone who is only JUST going to be 30 years old.

2005-2009 are marked by such words as "analyze", "scrutinize", "contemplate", and "pragmaticate". My brain took the brunt of my life for a while. No wonder it gave up last year and cut off the word supply.

But, I noticed in the past year that I haven't been writing . . . I've done things. I traveled a bit. I leaned on my family during tense and shifting times and let them lean on me, more so than in the past. I discovered and reveled in the sensation of overcoming obstacles that I thought were placed before me, but learned that I had placed within myself. I made my first batch of English Toffee!! All things requiring more action than thought.

Have I completely expunged my brain? Of course not, let's not get crazy. But I am making peace with my brain and asking it to play nicely with the rest of me. I shall report on our adventures.

As a send off, I include some of my favorite posts from Live Journal

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