Sunday, April 4, 2010

Currently a Blurg Instead of a Blog

Ahhh, the best of intentions produces . . . apparently nothing for almost two months.  I spent a lot of time snazzing up my blog for exactly one entry.  ( makes me so happy).

The good news:  I have been writing.  Essays, social commentary, evocative food descriptions abound (I'm a restaurant critic caught in the salary bracket of an Executive Assistant).  The bad news:  it's all in my head.  Ugh.

Pen to paper (or digits to keys, as it were) is still proving difficult.  I can't really call it Writer's Block, so I will call it Grammar Block.  I get caught up in subjects and predicates . . . What the hell do I do with a semi-colon? . . . Is that funny or ridiculous? . . . Is this relevant, or hell, even interesting for that matter?  I think of how perfectly David Sedaris gets his humor and point across with a toss of a dash or ellipsis, and I freeze.  Double ugh.

Finally, I reminded myself that--old habits die exceedingly hard--I am so far in my head that I might find Dennis Quaid manning a tiny space ship in there.  (Anyone? Anyone?)  So, I've decided to start small with a few of my favorite pictures from the last few months.  Captions are writing, and I will hear nary an argument.

(My cousin Rachael, Jeff, and their kiddos Grayson and Lilia)

Valentine's Day weekend in San Francisco and San Jose.  Sunday morning pancakes were in the works when I snapped this.  I love it when pictures capture the personality of the people in them.  This is exactly what I picture when I think of this family.

(My cousin Cathryn) 
This picture begs the question:  Why just laugh when you can guffaw?  The women in my family are robust and frequent laughers. 
(My Sweet, D.R., and the grand Alice B.)
On the way back to Los Angeles from San Jose.  I broke a few traffic laws taking this picture while driving, but resistance is futile when you have sweet sleeping faces like this. 

(Breakfast Pizza)

I cannot even begin to describe how delicious this was.  I saw it on my favorite blog in the widest world, and had my mission for our evening repast (minus the homemade pizza dough).  One of my small joys is having breakfast for dinner.  Breakfast for dinner on a PIZZA and I commence falling all over myself.  Also, when I took this picture I looked at D.R. and said, "We need to own more yellow items."  So beautiful!  
 (My sweet baby niece, Isla)

My sister sent me this picture of her daughter while I was driving.  Once again, traffic laws were loosely interpreted.  Texts were flying, tears were rolling, and plots to get this kid in commercials were ruminating.  Look at those eyelashes (Isla-lashes)!  

The words may be coming slowly, but they are coming from places of joy.