Saturday, February 11, 2012

And Just Like That . . .

The Universe (and Quest Diagnostics) must've known I was on the verge of busting something because it came through for me at 4:50pm yesterday.  I emailed my doctor to request a new order for my repeat blood test.  Her response: 

Just got the's negative!!


Since I was still at work, unable to contain my excitement, my office mate, Hope (how fitting is that?) was the first to hear the news.  I said, "We're gonna need to hug this out!"  She was more than happy to comply.  She also closed the door on her way out of the office so I could have a moment.  Grateful to her for that.

I put my head on my desk and cried.  I felt a weight lift off me, leaving my shoulders all tingly.

I'm not completely out of the woods yet.  I have to keep watch on my levels for the next year before I am considered in remission.  There will be more needles, more scans, more days of waiting.  But this was a big step, kids.  My TG levels haven't dropped since--well, never.  They've been elevated since after my first surgery in 2011.  This is an indication that I am on the right path in the maze of How To Live With Cancer.  The operative word there is "live".

Initially, I wanted to go out and celebrate with D.R.  I believe my exact words were, "Put your party pants on, Edmonds!"  But, it was also Friday night in Los Angeles and fighting with crowds and drunk girls in 7-inch platforms didn't sound very celebratory.  So, our party pants were replaced by pajama pants and catching up on the DVR.   

We had some wine and apps.

Alice B. requested I share.

So I did.

 Onwards and upwards we go. 


  1. Fabulous news! Congratulations! I raise my glass to that too!

  2. I'm an expert in hug compliance :) Such wonderful news! Love the Alice B. appetizer-sharing-moment pics. Okay, off to make creamy lemon bars...

    1. Thanks for being there for me. I made strawberry fudge today. Better believe you're getting some on Monday.

  3. so so so exciting Sam! love to ya, and that is probably the most stylin pj top I've seen ;)