Sunday, October 9, 2011


Tomorrow, D.R. and I will celebrate 5 years together.  We wanted to do something special to commemorate the event but we just couldn't land on the quintessential thing that encapsulates 5 years of D.R. and Samantha Awesomeness.  A big blowout dinner?  A weekend away? 

Thankfully, Alice B. came to the rescue.

She had to have a lump removed from her side and D.R. and I scrambled the money together to make it happen.  She came home from the vet sporting a large, somewhat Frankenstein-ian incision, the dreaded plastic cone, and a week's supply of pain pills.  She was in the cone for a couple hours--whining, falling asleep standing up, running into walls--before we could stand it no longer.  We MacGyvered an old t-shirt into a bandage/kimono and Alice B. is officially on the mend.

Today, I looked at D.R. and said, "So, what are we doing for our anniversary?"
He glanced at Alice sitting lopsided on the floor, coming down from her latest dose of pain pills and giving us the big brown googley eyes.  "Uhhhhh, saving our dog's life."

At least our anniversary fund is adorable.

Do you think dogs get the munchies?


  1. Oh, Alice B. Pinto - how much she makes me smile when I see her pop up on Facebook! I remember when you brought her home and I asked D.R. How she ended up with such a name and you immediately chimed in with, "we're already thinking of changing it to Alice B. Fartin'."

  2. A couple of things.
    1) Congrats on 5 yrs, it seems impossible that it has been that long since you lived in the good old sherridan apts.
    2) Your dog looks adorable, april and i are finally in a dog friendly place and are in the market, i've never had a pet before, a little nervous
    3) Am I correct in assuming that Alice B. is named for the great feminist writer Alice B. Toklas, b/c if so that is brilliant.
    we miss u,
    jeff and april

  3. I can't believe it's been 5 years, either! I still physically long for Chicago. Damn, I love that city!

    Rescuing a dog is very fulfilling, I must say. You and April will love it.

    As for her name, we didn't name her after the feminist writer, but it was a funny coincidence we thought worked in our favor. Alice B. (the dog) definitely has a butch streak.