Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zut Alors!

I fell all over myself when I had Ladurée macaroons ("macarons", depending on how French you're feeling) in Paris last year.  Initially, I was cynical, because I thought it was just a cookie--butter, flour, sugar, eggs--with a flavored filling sandwiched in the middle.  Uhhhhhh, thanks France.  I'm holdin' it down in the sandwich cookie department with my Oreos.  You can't mess with my Double Stuf. 

Oh, how good it is to be wrong.

Get them in my mouth!
French Macarons are actually tiny meringues made mostly from egg whites and almond flour.  Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, they are like cake, a cookie and candy all in one.  The colors and flavors are amazing (salted caramel just about made my brains fall out) and they can be popped into your mouth with a ridiculous ease.  Your eyes will cross.  You'll probably moan and grunt with delight.  And before you even know what's happening, you're scheming ways to move to Paris with nothing but your pastry bag and a smile.

Is that just me?  Weird.

People go to culinary school for years to learn how to make these delightful things.  Nevertheless, I was inspired by my recent Christmas ornament purchase to attempt French macaroons in my own kitchen.

This will make my Christmas tree VERY happy.

So, uhhhhhhh . . . here's mine.

Almond orange with chocolate ganache filling.

There was no puffing and nary a frilly edge to be seen.  Honestly, this trio was the most photogenic of the bunch.  Safe to say that Ladurée will not be calling me anytime to soon.  That said, they are pretty scrumptious.  D.R. says they taste like a giant Froot Loop.

I'm OK with that.

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  1. There is this little bakery and restaurant by my office called essence that makes melt in your mouth delicious, i might need one now. She studied in france and cooks liberally with butter...sigh