Monday, March 26, 2012

Gaffes and Gratitudes

A lot of stuff I am reading these days centers around cultivating gratitude--actively seeking and recognizing moments and interactions that make the day worth it.  Sometimes, I reeeaaaallly have to dig for the gratitude in my day.  But, I usually find it mixed up with my cynicism, unmet expectations, flakiness and tendency to embarrass easily. 

It's there. 

Under my humanness. 


  • Deciding to wear a fabric belt from a dress as a bracelet.  A fashion risk everyone should take.  In 1994.
  • Conversation with a patient over the phone:
          ME:  Ma'am, am I correct that your first name is spelled Y-V-O-N-N-E?
          Patient: No, it's spelled E-L-O-N, and it's 'mister', actually.

  • Reaching the age where foot powder is necessary.  All the better if it's "cooling and refreshing".
  • Watching an interview with Dave Grohl and realizing he and I have pretty much the same hair style.
  • Walking Alice in a ratty sweatshirt, funky scarf, sweaty post-run hair, major VPL under my running tights, and a cup--not a travel mug, but the ceramic cup--of coffee.  Serving up some 6am hot realness.
  • Whatever I am doing in this photograph.  In bowling shoes, no less.


  • D.R. recognizing that a couple hours of organizing and cleaning will set me right again when the world seems to want nothing more than to keep me off kilter.
  • A conversation with one of my doctors that was longer than all of our previous conversations combined.  We covered his childhood, how he met his wife, his thoughts on the current state of medicine and World War II.  I'm always honored to hear other people's stories.
  • George Jones.  Anytime.  If my toe ain't tappin' to "Honky Tonk Song", then I know I am way too far in my head.
  • Taking note from D.R.'s sister who--out of nowhere, and very genuinely--told me I was beautiful.  We need more random and genuine compliments.  They lift so high with such little effort. 
  • First day of spring in California.   
  • Discovering maple syrup makes a great sweetener for coffee.  Just ask Buddy the Elf.
  • Any opportunity to say, "This ain't my first rodeo."


  1. Haha! I loved this blog post! The G's have it -- it is GRRRRREAT!

    1. Thanks! I wish the gratitudes list were longer than the gaffes list, but what fun would that be?

    2. Ange, I just realized that my gratitudes list IS longer than my gaffes list (this time around). My powers of observation are legendary. This will go on the next Gaffes and Gratitudes post. GAH!

  2. Love it Samantha!! I didn't know you had cancer. I see your strong determination helped pull you through all the trials you have endured with it. The examples of your grattitudes and gufaws brought to my mind the first time I asked Tim about you and he then revealed that his friend Sam, was a female, not a male as we had naturally assumed since Sam was the only name he used in referring to you. Carl and I just looked at each other and started laughing.

    Patti Zabrocki

  3. Patti, thanks for the kind words. It's been an interesting experience, but one that has led me to an ultimately happier and healthier self.

    I think back so fondly to my high school days and that group of boys as my entourage :-) I adore them all and miss them terribly at times. We all keep in touch (though, sometimes sporadically) over the internet, but someday I would love for us all to meet up again.

    Best to you and Carl.