Friday, March 30, 2012

Creepy Beefus

What is a Beefus?

It is the evolution of Alice B.'s name over the 3 years we've had her.  My family is actually kinda famous for this.

One starts out with their given name (Alice B. Pinto -- because we're terribly clever giving our dog a surname and middle initial), and through a series of substitutions ("The Bean"), applicable movie characters, song lyrics, or topical figures (LaBoeuf from True Grit resulted in "The Beef".  Downton Abbey resulted in "Lady Beantham"), prefixes or suffixes ("Beeficus"), additions or subtractions, we arrive at the current alias.

The Beefus.

My father was really the king of this nickname evolution.  It is the reason my sister is known as "Boonzie" and I am known as "Bimpsy" around our family.  A number of our high school friends were also honored with a nickname, some of which have stuck to this day.  That's how you know we really like you.

Along with her strange nickname, Alice manages to be uber-creepy in photos.  Oh, we've attempted cute and cuddly photos, but that's just not how she rolls.  I am also a shoddy-at-best photographer, which only adds to her mystique.  
This is her Clint Eastwood face.

This is not her Clint Eastwood face.
The Lohan.
Wielding her Sith powers over the broccoli.

The house elf.
Google Tasmanian tiger and tell me there isn't some DNA crossover.

Waiting for the Precious

Straight chillin'.

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