Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Marathon Realness

My long run, with the L.A. Leggers, was 4 miles.  It's a "break" after last week's 5 miles before we kick up into the higher mileage.  I asked our pace group mentor how many marathons he has completed.

"25," was his confident and proud answer.
"Holy shit!" was my very eloquent response.




How does that even work?!

If I ran two marathons a year from this point forward, I would be 45 years old by the time I reached that goal.   




How does that even work?!

Then, I looked at our mentor again and figured . . . yeah, he could be early/mid forties (I'm a horrible judge of age, by the way).  He doesn't have muscles bulging from a tight shirt.  He's not loaded down with gadgets and gear.  He's running in baggy shorts and a t-shirt, some shoes that look like their fastest miles are behind them and a funky ball cap. 

As many people are, I am totally intimidated by the marathon.  It's because I picture marathon runners with tight tummies and muscular legs, long strides and the newest and spiffiest running shoes.  I picture the cover of Runner's World. 

Uh, that's not me.  I'm more Runners With Chub Rub and a Wicked Penchant for Cheese Sauce World.

This dissonance has kept from being really excited about completing a marathon, even doubtful that I could do it.  I'm certain that magic is the only thing getting my ass to 26.2.  However, running with the Leggers has been a huge help in starting to see myself as a marathon finisher.  Some of these people have completed multiple marathons and their bellies and thighs wobble just like mine.  The reason I couldn't picture myself as a finisher was because I wasn't picturing me.  I was picturing some weird collage of body parts--preferably, toned and barely glistening with sweat--crossing the finish line.  That's just not reality (so much more sweaty!), and a marathon is going to make some things really real, really quickly.

Must maintain MY marathon realness.

This is Alice B.'s marathon realness.


  1. Therein lies the beauty of the marathon... a challenge to all, warranting genuine preparation and strategy, but the very tangible opportunity to work through and overcome those mental, physical, emotional hurdles we all encounter. So beautiful! Kudos, Samantha, you can totally do this!

  2. Hey gues what??? YOU DID IT!!! :) :) :) Oh, and Alice's couch-marathon-face is pretty rad.