Saturday, May 24, 2014

Making It Fit

That thing where one wants to be creative . . . and write . . . and contribute . . . something. 

Life isn't bad.  It's not hard.  There's a lot of good stuff happening here.

But, there is that missing thing, and I feel like it has to start here because creativity is sort of floating around above me like a huge bunch of balloons.  I know I have to pull down one of them and tether it somewhere.  Since this is the only place I can access quickly, consider that balloon tethered here. 

The hardest part is starting.

This has taken me 5 minutes to write.  I've spent 5000x more minutes thinking about these five minutes of writing. 

The hardest part is starting.

Why is it so effing hard?!!

There is nothing particularly special about this weekend, or this day, or this moment of motivation/inspiration written down here.

I'm going to spend a day at the beach.

I'm going to make brownies.

I'm going to spend a morning at the dog park with a cup of coffee and My Sweet and the sweatshirt that we share -- depends on which one of us grabs it first.

I'm going to look at my world this weekend and see if I can continue to fit it into words.

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