Sunday, July 10, 2011

Last Supper

Here's what I'm eating right now:
  • Chunk of double-cream brie cheese
  • Chunk of very sharp cheddar cheese
  • Scoop of boysenberry jam
  • Scoop of sharp dijon mustard
  • Hunk of whole grain (how healthy!) bread
  • Glass(es) of white wine.
(Just so we're clear, 'chunk', 'scoop', and 'hunk' are all precise measurements.)

Here's what I will be eating later this evening:
  • The Maple Brown Sugar Bundt cake from Trader Joe's
  • Scoop(s) of Peanut Butter Tracks ice cream from Trader Joe's
  • Glass(es) of white wine.
(I'm also flipping between Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Just Friends.  Ryan Reynolds and Ron Weasley make my heart go pitty-pat.)

Does this sound like a gluttonous last meal to anyone?  If so, you are correct.  D.R. and I are about to embark on a challenge . . .

I first read about the 101 in 1001 here--a friend from college, one of my favorite bloggers, and an uber-gifted storyteller.  I read more on it, and decided to write a list myself.  It took a while to compose (so long, in fact, that goal #64 is "Finish this damn list!"), but I felt motivated when it was finished.  I have been slowly crossing items off the list, strategically avoiding #34, "No alcohol, baked goods or candy for a month."  While I do love a glass of wine at the end of the day and a bag of M&M's every now and then, I knew it was the lack of baked goods that would pose the greatest challenge.  Have I mentioned that I'm kind of a slut for all things baked, frosted, buttery and gooey?  I find pastry crumbs on my clothes at the end of the day more often than is acceptable for one functioning in polite society.  It's a problem.

While I do consume obscene amounts of cakes and brownies, I have also, lately, been consuming a lot of information about juicing.  I don't feel like enough of an expert to preach to you all, but Kris Carr has an amazing story about the benefits of fresh juice in her diet, as do Joe Cross and Phil Staples.  My idea is not as extreme, but I decided it would be a nice challenge to fill in some of the holes left by tiramisu and blueberry tartes with wholesome juicey goodness.  And, I am lucky enough to have a sweetheart that is committing along with me.  We've agreed to cut each other some slack for the first sugar- and alcohol-deprived days.

And so . . . 

The Contenders:  D.R. Edmonds and Samantha Dunn

The Challenge:  No alcohol, baked goods or candy for one month (July 11th-August 11th).

The Amendment:  Consume 8-16oz. of fresh juice every day.  One day can be missed, but not two.

The Reward:  Sure, "health and wellness" are wonderful, but I'm going to need something concrete at the end.  I shall think more on this.

Rainbow of goodness straight out of the juicer.

You should see how I look when I consume the cheese, bread and cake.

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