Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gaffes and Gratitudes: The NyQuil Edition

So, my "I'm not feeling great . . . " from last week took a violent turn into "can someone please get me a new set of lungs?  These are no longer functional."

I fought through a few days at work, but Friday morning found me hovering over the coffee pot at 6:03am, hunched and mouth breathing.  I took the morning off and went back to bed.  I rolled into the office on a breeze of Mentholatum and a prayer.

My body begged for green things, vitamin-packed things, healthy and nutritious things.  I took that to mean: consume almost an entire box of Trader Joe's knock-off Oreos and--hey, why not?--a Bloody Mary.  I figured the Tabasco sauce would help sweat out some of the gunk. 

I believe I am now on the come back trail and I am all for it.  


* Going through an entire box of Kleenex during ONE day at work. 

*On that note, I am so my father's daughter: not a delicate, quiet nose blower.  Somehow, our DNA was crossed with that of a tuba.  It's always classy.

*Furthermore, always carry Kleenex in your car.  When the situation gets desperate, you may or may not reach for a pantyliner.  I refuse to believe I am the only one who has had to do this.

*The hand sanitizer that traveled across my desk for an express meeting with my eyeball.

*Hair that has reached the Dog the Bounty Hunter stage.  Haircut on Saturday.

*Almost ruined an entire pot of coffee when I reached for the cumin instead of the cinnamon.  Reading is hard when you're sick.

*The vet admitting they overcharged us by almost $300.  Wahoo, and thank you for fixing our dog.

*The two days of yoga I eeked out before surrendering to the couch.

*NyQuil.  That distinct green goblin-ey harbinger of sleep and wellness.

*A walk on the beach in the sun with an old friend.  

*The medicinal powers of oatmeal, pho, and pinot noir.

*A friend recapping a conversation she had with a co-worker where she reminded him to "bloom where you're planted."  I've been thinking about that idea for the past few days since I'm usually more of a "hey, what's going on over there and how do I make myself a part of it?" 

*Turning in our official notice to vacate our apartment.  We haven't found an apartment yet, but there's nothing like the threat of homelessness to make one discerning.  Zoiks!

*When we come home, Alice is usually standing at the window, tail wagging.  There is a specific point we must cross in the courtyard before she will leave the window and go to the door to greet us.  I've tested her.  She will not move until she's determined we are in fact coming up the stairs to see her.  Makes me happy no matter what kind of day I've had.

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