Monday, April 9, 2012

Photo A Day, Week #1

Ugh, to apartment hunting.  Ugh, I say!  

That's what we've been doing for most of the week.  When we're not apartment hunting, I'm pestering D.R. with hypotheticals and What If's about moving and finances.  I'm weighing pros and cons and figuring out bus schedules to UCLA.  What's D.R. doing?  Saying things like, "I will be happy where ever you are happy."

Awwwwwwwwwwwww.  Luuuurve.

But seriously, dishwasher or central air?

You think about it while looking at my photo results from last week.  

Colour:  bushes outside my office.  California really does know how to do the color green.  

Mail:  weekly reminder of all the things I want to steal from Sur La Table.

Someone who makes you happy:  Ina Garten.  Just once I'd love to see her hairstyle change--maybe just part it on the other side?--but this woman's kitchen is my holy ground.
Tiny:  Eiffel Tower necklace from my mother-out-law.  Look, it even shimmers like the real thing does at night.

Lunch:  Oh, it looks so healthy, doesn't it?  Especially with that bag of cherry tomatoes on the left.  You should know that the bag of oatmeal cookies is not in this picture because I had eaten them prior to this lunch. 
Shadow:  my favorite photo of the week. 
Inside your wallet:  All the bits and slips of paper I've collected over the years:  quotations, pictures, love notes, my dad's business card.  They even have that funky wallet smell. 

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